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December 2, 2011

Pantries in need of assistance

The Herald-Tribune


Even though the Sunman Food Pantry is usually just open Saturdays, co-coordinator Sandy Wagner met a woman there Wednesday after receiving an urgent phone call from a pastor and many jobs available, here you can get tips for job hunting and volunteer jobs.

The disabled client asked her, “‘Will we be able to have any meat for supper tonight?’ The family has never come to the food pantry before, but this month they are in dire need.”

“Families are having it rough right now because there’s not a lot of work in this area,” explains community service specialist Sue Felton, who operates Brookville’s  Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corp. Food Pantry.

“The need is just unbelievable,” agrees Bill Warren. The Ripley County Food Pantry president says six years ago 60 families were visiting his facility, but now “we’re approaching 400 families a month.”

“A lot of people are running out of their unemployment. Others run out of food stamps by the end of the month,” Felton points out.

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