April 22, 2020 Update

Dear Friends,

God be with you till we meet again.
By His counsel may he hold you,
In His loving arms enfold you.
God be with you till we meet again.

God bless you. I hope you’re doing well.
Here are three thoughts about claiming the well-being that God wants for us.

1. When we feel alone or cut off – remember there were occasions in the Bible when people were alone. Jesus, Moses, and others went off by themselves into the wilderness so that God might give them guidance. Please pray that God show us the best way to use this time.

2. When we miss the experience of worship – I suggest we review the words of a favorite Christian song or hymn. I believe this will bless us.

3. When we miss the fellowship of others – I encourage you to call and check on one another. When you build the church, prayer and fellowship mix together to create the mortar which keeps us strong. Remember, church lives in your heart, not in a building.

God bless you and keep you today and always.


Dear God, we your people want to follow your direction in all the circumstances we face. When we can’t physically be together, we know that we can communicate with each other and strengthen each other with your help. Thank you for the promises of faith that can keep us strong in difficult times.


If you have a prayer request or news about you or your family that you can share please call me at 859-466-4344.

Rev. Dave Johnston

Our sister church, St. John’s UCC (Huntersville) in Batesville, has online services each Sunday starting at 10:15 am. https://www.stjohnsuccbatesville.org. Once you get on their page follow the link to join the live service each Sunday with Rev. Joey Feldmann and organist David Hanson.


A message from Dwain Gesell, Church Council President

Dear Members,

Our church council, after many phone conversations, has decided to cancel our Homecoming Chicken Dinner scheduled for June 7, 2020. The current health concerns limit us from dishes being brought in from our homes for now. We don’t plan to give up on our tradition of church dinners, but we need to put this one on hold for now. Also, at present will not have worship through May 3rd. Don’t give up; together we will find a way.

During this important time, donations to our church can be mailed directly to the church office. I’m picking up the mail daily and distributing as needed.

St. John’s UCC, Penntown
8917 E County Rd 1300 N
Sunman, IN 47041

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