Worship Services Resume May 24, 2020 – Memorial Day Weekend

Worship Services resume this Sunday, May 24, 2020 at 10:30 am.

Our primary concern is for the congregation’s health.

Here are several suggestions from the recent council meeting that were adopted as new policy for the foreseeable future:

–there would not be a handshake greeting at the door.

–we are encouraged to use masks and if you do not have one there will be disposable masks available.

—please sit at social distance from other immediate families.

—Offering plates will not be passed and offerings will be gathered in a basket at the church door.

—hand sanitizer will be available as usual.

—after worship, conversations should be moved to the outside of the building if possible.  The open air is the enemy of this virus.

Looking to scripture for guidance, in the Old Testament the prophet Micah spoke to people in uncertain times about what God requires of Faithful people. God’s directive:





I know several families who have lost loved ones of differing ages to this new and little understood illness. Please call me and one another and continue to ask God to guide us with kindness, justice and patience during this difficult time.

Please be patient, though it’s difficult. The last pandemic in 1917-1919 lasted over two years. The scriptures are full of guidance in difficult times, and we will be looking at these in days ahead.

If you are aware of anyone in the church or community who is facing immediate needs because of the pandemic please contact me or a member of the church council.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Dave Johnston  812-934-2715- -859-466-4344


Our sister church, St. John’s UCC (Huntersville) in Batesville, has online services each Sunday starting at 10:15 am. https://www.stjohnsuccbatesville.org. Once you get on their page, follow the link to join the live service each Sunday with Rev. Joey Feldmann and organist David Hanson.

You can also tune in to WRBI Radio 103.9 FM on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am for a service of word and music with Pastor Joe Foster.


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