Our Mission: As disciples, we seek to grow in faith and serve others in the name of Christ.

Our worship time is informal and family friendly. We seek to reach out to the community by housing the Sunman Area Food Pantry and hosting a Vacation Bible School program that is open to all children in the community.  Each year we participate in the Ripley County CROP Walk and Relay for Life.  Children and adults alike gather for our Sunday School hour.  Teens are involved in our Youth program and confirmation class.  We have two women’s groups which meet monthly for fellowship, support and service.

Want to find out about our roots?  Click here:  St. John’s History.

We invite you to come and be a part of this family of God.

 All are welcome here.


  • April 5-19 Church Worship Services Cancelled

    With a heavy heart, it has been decided to cancel our church services for the next three weeks, through April 19. Please look for an update mid-April.
    In the meantime, search for an online worship service you can watch in order to help keep in touch with your faith life. One church with online services is St. Paul’s UCC in Crystal Lake, IL. Click here for more information: St Paul UCC Website or  St Paul UCC YouTube Channel.
    Please contact Rev. Dave Johnston or Dwain Gesell with questions or concerns.
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  • Church Services Cancelled March 22 & 29

    March 17, 2020

    To my friends in the community of St. John’s at Penntown,

    This is a very challenging time for our world and for each of us.  We will not have worship at church on March 22 or March 29.  April worship schedule will be decided by the end of March.

    May the Lord bless and keep you, each one.

    As your pastor, and someone whose family experienced the death of five family members in the flu epidemic in 1918, I ask your help in ministering to our community at this time.

    My grandmother, who faced much hardship, taught me that in difficult times God would bring us comfort and even humor if we ask for it.  Also as a child I loved Dr. Seuss, and I learned if I could translate tasks into “Seuss-speak” it helped me remember what I needed to do in challenging times.

    Here are some suggestions about our situation:

    1. Challenge: Call friends, family, members… Check – encourage – chat.

                     Dr. Seuss translation:

                            “A call to a friend gives no one the flu;

                            offer prayers for good health & ask for them, too.”

    1. Challenge: We are sure at this time our food pantry will need donations.

                      Dr. Seuss translation:

                            “If you are eating and someone is not,

                            the extra you have beats the empty they’ve got.”

    Again, our message is:

                            “No service in March, in April we’ll see;

                            A month at a time is how it must be.”

    In love and fellowship,

    Your Interim Pastor – Rev. Dave Johnston

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  • Easter Flower Order Form

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  • 2020 March-April News

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